Bleeding lip, it won't stop!?

Hey, please help lol. Over a hour ago, i cut my lip whilst shaving. It WON'T STOP!

I have applied tissue, near pressure for 30 minutes and still it bleeds. I had ice contained by a tissue on it, but still bleeds. I put a small plaster on it, eventually it over flowed.

What shall i do =[
ummm doctor?
Mix warm water and brackish in a cup, then steep the cup to the top and stick your lip in it. Salt and warm wet will help close up the cut faster so that you don't lose too much blood. Also, try not to stretch out your lip as much, the more you move your lip the more the blood will flow through it. Sometimes just departure it alone and trying to forget about it can stop it too. When you keep messing next to it, it just gets aggravated.

Cold wet makes your blood thinner-easier to flow
Warm water make your blood thicker-less easy to flow Source(s): I hope that helped!
i've have similar problems and nothing worked
Have you ever tried a styptic pencil? Another option is to put a bit of vaseline on it. If it is a large cut and really will not stop bleeding, though, you may want to stir to prompt care or call your doctor's organization.
Go to the Emergency Room NOW.
it bite **** but works grate... stops any bleeding emmideiatly... get some tobacco from a cigaret... chew on it for few second and and put the chewd gung on the bleeding spont... it stops it emmedietly..

no stitches need cuase you burst blood vessel not veins Source(s): me ... 42 year old bitter man
Depending on how unpromising it is bleeding, get a cold washcloth and apply pressure. If it is a deep cut, going to the doctor may be needed. If you undeniably do not want to go to the doctor, clean it up as much as you possibly can, apply pressure until the bleeding slows and almost stops, next superglue the cut together, but don't put it directly into the wound.. hold the two edges together and glue the superficial skin.

Get well soon...
Ur's Don.. Source(s): 4rm web..
RUN UNDER cold water and permit if flow out the bleeding and go to ER if it does not stop.
cold river makes ur blood thinner so rinse it with thaw water
You just enjoy to be patien it will stop in the next few hours.
Lack of clotting may indicate more serious problem. See MD .
Go up to citizens and blow really hard and spray blood all over them
if you indeed applied pressure for thirty minutes and it will not stop, then you may have a bleeding disorder, I would see your doctor. Source(s): RN
oh no! that's not good. If it be me i'd go to an emergency
hospital or do indistinguishable thing you did a bit longer ( lip is kinda hard to cover) but try if it doenst work it form need stiches srry
well tom, i focus that you should go get that checked out
Keep sucking out the blood.

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