Should i pop my burn blister?

i burnt my hand and a huge blister have came .. it is quite big n i can hardl move my appendage. I went the hospital n they wrapped it in heating pad but didnt say anything about popping it. i hold read alot of stuff half say pop it the other say dont, i dno wat to do. if i leave it wat wil happen? wil it pop on its own n if it does how long wil it transport n wil it hurt? also wil it just sag down :s

Popping the blister will expose you to a higher risk of infection and will expose the tender skin layers below, which will a short time ago hurt.

Leave it alone, and it'll go away in a few days. Source(s): Paramedic
Pop it it wont scare it or any anything approaching that..
If u dont it will take 2-3 weeks to SAG down & if u pop it pop it from the top not the side after u pop it put nerospore and cover it!
Hope it helps,
Hannah Source(s): I work surrounded by the Hospital as a surgan and a nurse
do not pop it! leave your job it alone and keep it cleaned and covered at all times. the fluid will eventually reabsorb fund into your system. don't panic! popping it will leave you stretch out to infection. next time you get burned directly put some Desitin on it. the Desitin has zinc in it and will prevent blister formation and help yourself to the pain out of it asap! Source(s): ER RN
newly leave it alone, as long as it has that blister on it it have a less chance of getting infected, and also it will blemish if you pop it. i work in an er.

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