Is it pink eye? And what happen if it go untreated?

What can happen if your pink eye goes untreated?
I imagine it is pink eye. It is sore. But I do not rub it or anything so it stings a bit and is pink at night. Sometimes it itches so bad and I clean it out with water.
Is that satisfactory?
No, you need some sort of antibiotics.

Potentially gone untreated, if it is really pink eye could lead to blindness.
if its only pink at dark and its burning you may just have dry eyes, pink eye usually itches and your eyes hold like a discharge that makes your eyelashes stick together. I cogitate you would be able to tell if it be pink eye yours eyes would look pink all the time. they sell over the counter pink eye drops but I would try clear eyes first.
My husband had a severe case of pink eye and it have gotten so worse that he had to be hospitalized. I highly recommended that you see professional facilitate and see if it is pink eye. Water alone will not help and rubbing of course will of late make it worse. My husband had to gain laser surgery to treat the broken blood vessel that occurred because of the pink eye. If left untreated he would eventually gone blind. Just to be sure label an appoint or do a walk-in and seek a doctor.
And yet again and again pinkeye is NOT a disease but a symptom. Anything that causes the eye to be red or pink is pinkeye. It can be the result of allergies, smoke, bacterial or viral infections you own to figure out which. Again it is not a disease but a symptom.
you call for medicine go to the doc pink eye is terribly uncomfortable and EXTREMELY contagious i got it when i be 4 or 5 and my parents were supposed to go out and enjoy my moms friends daughter watch me but they didn't want her to get it cuz it WAS so contagious so step to the doc Source(s): EXPERIENCE

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