How come My ear hurts when I bite my chin down? 10 points!?

Like right now, I have a agony on the inside of my left ear whenever I bite my jaw. I'm not sure but when I be sleeping like a week ago, I poked myself like lower than my jaw but close to my neck and it's still sore immediately. And just today, whenever I bite on that side, my ear hurts. I need answers quickly cause I have a basketball team game at 3:00 and I don't wanna hurt my ear again if someone elbows me in the jaw.

go to docters
In situations close to this ive always noticed, thinking in the order of the problem too much usually ends up in the problem developing into something worse. Its your choice if you want to play the game, or achieve the problem checked.

Im not a doctor, and i don't know that much about the body. What i do know is this, if you choose to go play the spectator sport, your risking the problem getting worse...however at the same time, the problem might not even be worth worrying about.

Here is my answer,

If you want to play the game, play it without worries.
If you do not play the winter sport, then you have get more time to think about the problem, and go and get it checked out.

To aid the mental stress, i can add this. I am quite sure you are going to be fine any way.
you may hold TMJ it is basicly arthritus in your jaw i enjoy it and it is very painful you should dance to the doctor
go to the dr... another option is chiropractor.
i thought i have ear infections for weeks and it turned out i'd developed TMJ...stick your finger in your ear & open and close your mouth. you'll be aware of the joint movement. also, muscles in your collar connect to the base of the skull... it's all connected... the just reliable solution is the dr...
Its not necessarrily a problem with your ear. Have a close look contained by your mouth, specifically at the top teeth on the side the ear is hurting. If you have a problem with your tooth or gums within that area (ie swelling or infection) that could be causing your ear pains too.

If not, it predictable is an ear infection.
it might be because you have an ear infection or hurt a impudence somewhere, try pulling down on the ear that the pain is coming from and if it hurts then you most expected have an ear infection
i suggest you go see a doctor
It could be a travel case of TMJ (temporomandibular joint)...It is a jaw disorder that happens from clenching/grinding the teeth or a poorly aligned bite. It have many symptoms and pains in the ear(s) can be one of them. It's best to dance to either a doctor or a dentist to have this checked out. It's not a uncertain disorder, but it can be a painful one if not kept within check sooner rather than later. Oh, and btw, I know roughly speaking this because I have it and have done for years.
It is possible that you have an ear infection or that your wisdom teeth or molars are cause you troubles. Source(s): Do not let people elbow you surrounded by the jaw.
I think you might have only bruised yourself. Nothing too serious. HOWEVER if it gets worse of if it still hurts for over a week you should probably go see a doctor. Just transport some advil or tylenol and take it easy on that side of your mouth!! Hope this help! :)

(p.s. i have a basketball games (a) 3, also!!)
sounds approaching you have a ear infecton. but if you were injured you should probably attain checked out by a doctor!
You probably have an ear infection.
Sorry! those hurt.
Do you clench your teeth at all? I do when I am angry or sombre and when I am sleeping. My jaws hurt all the time and sometimes when I have have a very stressful few days, when I bite down it hurts in my ears similar to yours do. You should take an anti-inflammatory like Advil (Ibuprofen) presently and again in 4 hours to reduce agony and any swelling. And right now you can use an ice pack on your jowl and ear to also reduce the swelling and pain. If the rime doesn't feel good afterwards try using heat. You can use a heating wipe, a warm wet washcloth or even a coat dryer set on low. If it doesn't get better in a few days next (like another answerer suggested) it very well might in recent times be an ear infection. But even if it is, all of the suggestions I gave you will work to muffle the pain from that too. I hope you feel better soon and correct luck at you game...I hope you and your team see butt and win :)

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