Finger is swollen and it is turning purple?

my dad's finger was red yesterday. and now it is purple and it is spreading to his palm. it is the middle finger on his gone hand. it hurts every time he touches it but he also feels it numb. he doesn't know if he get bit by some animal because there is no sign of a bite.


does anyone know what this is?
budge to the ER now.
I would tell him to step to the ER that could be a sign of a lot of things, he could have a broken finger and not know it, he could also hold frost bite, or anoxia which is when the body part does not have satisfactory oxygen getting to it through the blood, or it could be worse, but he needs to get to the hospital earlier his hand has long-lasting nerve damage.
this sounds similar to a disease i have...really severe Reynolds syndrome which can cause a bit of swelling, colour variation, and pain.

Or maybe:
-an allergy to a bug bite
-a simple sprain or fracture

a moment ago try getting into a doctor, or getting an x-ray.
Any time something turns purple you must be extremely worried. It process it is not getting blood flow and can eventually die (think frostbite or when you cut off circulation to an extremity)

I would urge him to go win help, it is serious
Go to the emergency room what the heck are you thinking asking people on!
it could be broken or possibly your bad has a disease anyway u should contact a doctor
i don't know what it is but why doesn't he turn to a doctor and check it out
um if thats the case he could have broken it or cut the circulation somehow. he requirements to go to a doctor
Go to the doctor!
Hello..I know you get htis alot but he should go to the docter.When its turning colors that (ofcourse) means that the blood within his finger isnt curculating that good (or not aT ALL) And thats bad so if he dont travel to the docter soon enogh they will have to remove his finger, and if it were me..I WOLDNT want to bring my finger choped off but Most likly it wasent a bite because I dotnnn think a bite can do that much...WEll I hope I help enough so I can have the "best answer" so latter,
go to a doctor
could be a variety of things... he could have gotten bit by a spider... i would see a doctor.

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