Mosquito bite... On my eyelid?

I was awoken last dark to a constant rubbing of my eye and a frightened startle of a consistent buzz ringing in my ears.

Flustered, I felt my eye grow into a pulp, as I looked at myself surrounded by the mirror and saw that i had a huge welt on my eyelid. At first partial view, I assumed it was another sty, which I get fairly frequently, and as I took a closer look, I saw the bite mark and knew exactly what it be... A mosquito bite.

I immediately put an ice pack on it, hoping that the swelling would cut. But in the morning it was even worse.

It itches, its self-conscious and blocks my vision. I have be very resistant to touching the affect area as okay. Worst of all I have a Halloween jamboree on Saturday, and don't wanna have to result in varying my costume to the infamous henchman, Igor.

So far, i have tried an ice pack and neosporin but nought seems to be reducing the swelling (which is what im more concerned about) and the itching. I'm also going to try and use some aloe vera, in hopes of swelling narrowing.

Do these remedies works? What other remedies can i use? How long will it take for the swelling to go down? Please, facilitate :(
Are you sure it isn't sty?
i dislike intensely them
just leave it and dont score it cause the mosquito juice spreads and make it itchier
they take about 2 days to budge down (:
I would try taking some Benadryl to help the swelling go down and trade name it stop itching. Be careful what you rub on it since its so close to your eye but I would get Benadryl surrounded by pill form. Ice might make the swelling go down temporarily but Neosporin wont do anything if it is a mosquito bite.
i know this might hurt but if you pop the mosquitoe bite it leaves in close to 1 day
That's got to be one of the worst places to get a bite :-( Good luck, I hope it get better before Saturday!
What's a STY?
I have the same problem last summer! Im allergic to mosquito bites and although I didn't catch bitten directly on my eye lid, I did get bitten just above my eye.
The morning after it have gotten bitten, the swelling was SO much worse, so much in reality that I couldn't open my eye!! I soon found out that it was because I have been sleeping that my eye had swollen up so much!
What I found that help was just standing adjectives and holding a cold compress on my eye for 15 minutes at a time... I never found the need for neosporin, etc. but the swelling soon went down (in a thing of 2 hours in fact!!) Hope this help!! Source(s): My own experience
a sty perhaps?
It feels apposite, when u scratch it.Try it.

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