I cut bad a mole by myself and it wont stop bleeding, what should i do?

Put alot of pressure on it with verbs gauze or cotton. If it does not stop bleeding after 20-30 min go to the ER.
I own done that before too- Moles and skin tags do seem to be to bleed alot after you get them removed. That is why most Dr's will "burn" the site. If you apply pressure it should stop- If it was a huge mole you actually may need a stitch. If you apply pressure and it doesn't stop bleeding after partially hour or so go to the ER. Don't worry you will live. LOL
rinse it with luke-warm water and compress it.
Apply pressure for 30 minutes, save stopped go to er or urgent care, if its not kept verbs you could get a staph infection very glibly.! Becareful!! Source(s): Im a medical assistant at an urgent care
stir to the ER
Run to the nearest emergency room and then ask yourself WHY?
Depending on how feebly its bleeding you may need to visit the ER room for stitches. If it isn't bleeding feebly, apply pressure, monitor the bleeding, if it doesn't stop within 10 - 15 min, still visit the ER room. Source(s): ss

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