Butterfly Band Aid?

My wife cut herself with a knife while she be cutting vegetables about 20 hours ago...the cut be deep but it stopped bleeding.she didnt want to go to stitch it...it didnt bleed much at darkness during sleep...I am still not relaxed about it...Can I get those butterfly tie aids? where can I get them from? how can I apply them? is it difficult to apply and remove? Do they hurt when removed?
She'll be fine. Just preserve it clean and covered. I have cut my fingers adjectives to hell many times and never gotten stitches. Just cleaned it really well, wrap w/ guaze and weakly secure with medical video. That white athletic tape. Don't do it tight b/c her finger will lose circulation therefor ceasing the recuperative process.
Hello, I once cut flap of my finger almost stale with an electric meat slicer and it was around the size of a penny.I had to have butterfly stitches because it be so big and would stop bleeding. If your wifes finger has stopped bleeding, that sa good sign she doesnt call for to do anything about it. She should probably cover it with something so that she doesnt lock in it on anything or so that it doesnt get infected but it should be fine. The butterfly stitches i got at the hospital, i have to keep them on for a week whilst my finger healed along beside a large bandage (christmas eve i might add) lol. They didnt hyrt at adjectives being taken off trailer my finger was fine underneath i now of late have a bit of a scar. Like i said tho if her finger isnt bleeding its no create for concern because usally if its bad it will bleed lots as the fingers have alot of courage endings in them and can bleed alot if cut. Source(s): Experience
Butterfly bandage refer to the butterfly shaped bandages that are wider at both ends with a high center area to cross the laceration. Theoretically the wide edges would hug to the skin better and allow you to pull the skin edges together and keep them together. In most cases you can accomplish equal thing with a regular bandaid. IReally no such point as butterfly "stitches". You can buy butterfly badages wherever bandaids are sold.

As long as the wound edges are relatively close and it does not look infected, it shold heal fine. Just hang on to it clean.

It is probably too late to place stitches anyway due to the risk of infection. Source(s): ED physician

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