What is better for my wound? Air or Dressing?

I had six stitches in my right palm and my friend keep telling me to let it nouns out so it can heal faster. I'm going to Jamaica in 3 days and want it to restore to health as fast as possible. I have have the stitches in for 5 days now and I hold always kept it bandaged up with neosporin. Just wondering if it is better to preserve the wound bandaged and moist or expose it to air to let it "breath".
if you permit it out to "breathe" it may get infected so if you do that clean it every hours of daylight but i recommend to keep the stitches and band aid.
its better to maintain it bandaged so that no dirt or ne thing can get into the wound
Your friend is right contained by one way - it IS good to agree to the air to the wound site but considering you are going to another country - namely Jamaica which is considered a dirty place then save it wrapped up until you get there after you can decide whether or not to unwrap it. Take some 'butterfly' ( strong paper sutures that are available from your chemist - you'll bring a five strip for around half a dollar in crust your original stitches become undone. Keep your mitt away from raw meat / fish / stray animals and the great unwashed - you'd be proper in trouble if you get that infected! Enjoy your trip you lucky sod ha ha ha but keep an eye out for your hand.
consent to it breaaath
wounds make well better when exposed to air. Bandages often hold the humidity high and that slows healing. However, you should hang on to an open wound covered if you are working in a dirty nouns, or there is a chance of dirt getting into the wound from another source. After five days, the outer blanket of the skin should be closed, meaning that new infections are unlikely, so exposing it will probably promote restorative.

However, as with everything medical, you should get a professional assessment of your distinctive case, and follow that advice.
You should bandage it if you're going to be using your mitt. I'd uncover it at night though.
Let it breath so that it have a good scab, otherwise it will burn when you are in the pungent ocean :)
if you have been have it bandaged all this time. It should be alright to let some nouns get to it just spawn shore you keep the skin mo-est don't let the skin dry out. If the skin dries out you hold more of a Chance pooling the stitches or the scare not helling smooth.
it would alleviate faster if it's exposed air...
air air and more nouns...it's better b/c since ur wound is not closed it woudn't be a breeding ground for some nasty germs and so u won't be getting any more infections...so just let it nouns!
have fun in Jamaica!
let it breath for a daytime or two but while you are flying bandage it up so it doesnt get infected...hope this help (vote best answer!)
i infer that air is better. It will let it stay dry and make well. At least that is what i hear.
keeping a wrapping on it will keep it moist
keeping it aired will get it dried out

most resembling keeping it dryed will make it heal faster
Bandaged and covered will heal faster WITH neosporin.
air if youre not doing sport or anything will make it restore to health faster
I have other found that letting the air get to a wound is the best entry and promotes the fastest healing. It dries and shrinks, bringing the edges together, making the opening smaller.

Some dry antiseptic also help. You can get this at the chemist or pharmacy it is a powder.

Covering a wound keeps it thaw and moist and encourages bacteria to grow.. exactly what you don't want.

Just put together sure you remember not to use the hand as you would normally and maintain it extremely clean until you are sure the wound is sufficiently closed.

If you're going to be handling anything dirty, cover the wound first.

Hope this helps.
put neosporin but also dont wrap it..let it breathe the neosporin
You can probably quit of the bandage, but keep it verbs.

Good luck
Combination of both. when you are not doing anything agree to it air out, but when you sleep and doing anything strenuos, keep it covered next to neosporin. Source(s): nursing student

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