Pierced ear have lump?

My daughter's left earlobe has a lump contained by it. The first time we got it pierced it was too low and at an angle, so we have it redone about a year subsequently. (It's been 10 months now). She had a moment or two lump that I assumed was a scar from the prehistoric hole healing. But sometimes when we change earrings I own to push to get the earring all the path in. Last night it seem like the bump was for a moment bigger and there was a bit of blood when I cleaned her ears. I squeezed for a time bit and got out just a tiny bit of pus and next a bit more blood. We put the earring back in using neosporin (I have to force it a bit) and then I cleaned her ears with hydrogen peroxide that she said stung a bit. Am I doing the right entry?
First of adjectives, you should probably take it out! It can get infected next to dead skin cells, and it will be extremely unpleasant for her.

How be her piercing done? By a needle, or by a piercing gun? If it was done by a piercing gun, you enjoy your culprit right there. Piercing guns are first of all extremely unsanitary, as they are merely wiped clean beside alcohol and then just reused on another personality. Secondly, they do a great deal of damage to your ears. I have my ears pierced as a child with a piercing gun, and I have a lump too.that I've have for god knows how long, and will probably have it the rest of my go. My second set of holes are so bad that I stopped wearing earrings in them years ago. They are lumpy and hurt too fruitless to even put earrings in. Piercing with a gun does more spoil than good. You are basically forcing a blunt point through your ear (since they actually pierce you with the earring, instead of using a needle) Let's not forget to mention the reality that the earring is entirely too tight in the hole it has created, giving the unusual piercing no room to heal properly. I'm suprised they still use the things.

At any rate. Have it take it out and tolerate it heal properly. She probably won't be able to acquire rid of the lump completely. Buy her some tea tree oil, have her mould it onto her lobe a few times a day...for a while. This should help fall the lump a little bit anyway. Go to a professional piercer and have them do it. It might cost more, but atleast you know your daugther's ears will be past the worst.
I have had the exact same entry has happen to me since. The lumps? Probably scar tissue/ probably infection. Either way, preserve an eye on it. As far as cleaning, I did just about matching type of "treatment" to my lobe except I used rubbing alcohol instead of hydrogen peroxide. A fact...(not too well known)...is that hydrogen peroxide in actuality deteriorates tissue. The "white bubbling" that occurs when peroxide is used as an antiseptic, is the cleaning/destroying of infected tissue...as well as healthy/non infected tissue! This is why hydrogen peroxide is not usually found contained by a first aid kit. So, go beside the rubbing alcohol instead. It will heal up and rid the infection much faster. FYI- The rubbing alcohol will sting a bit too, sorry. Good luck Source(s): Myself and my three pierced daughters...and all of our pierced friends!!
A lump? Maynot be good. Friend pierced her ear and after a while the lump just get better, she had to get it removed and get stiches in her ear, but I could totally be wrong. I've had my ear pierced 5 times and my first time they be really infected. Two things make sure she dosen't touch them, and clean them every singel daytime!!
I had my ears pierced years ago and have the same problem. I had the lump inside one of my lobes. It never did budge away, no matter what I did. I tried putting neosporin on the earring post too, but it didn't make the lump stir away.
After years of having to "re-pierce" my ear every time I put in earrings (and it DID touch like my ear was individual re-pierced!), I stopped wearing earrings.
It took years before the lump finally dissolved by itself. I don't have any holes surrounded by my ears now, so I'm pretty sure they could be pierced again.
If I were you, I'd stop doing the earring entry and let them grow back. Later, if she wishes, she could probably get her ears re-pierced. It really does "sting", so don't keep putting her through that.
That sounds like that some scar tissue broke bad. Just keep peroxide, and rubbing alcohol on her lobe, that should work. but scar tissue is common after piercings.
It sounded like scar tissue at first but as I read, it sounds more approaching an infection. Just keep it clean and verbs to use a triple antibiotic ointment. If she must wear the earings make sure you verbs them w/ alcohol first. If it continues to worsen she may need antibiotics. Just watch it for presently.
equal thing happened to my sister, the lumps grew til she have four biggish (size of small peas.. she was three at the time and it wasnt pretty) lumps. my mother tried everything but she is almost 11 now and she still have those lumps (but they dont look as bad cos she is bigger...)

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