Why does your arm bruise after you give/draw blood?

The bruise on you arm is cause by internal bleeding form the artery they poked. Sometimes it take a little bit for you body to form a clott to stop the bleeding.
Mine only bruised when the being who put the needle in me wiggle it around! It depends on who sticks you.
bruises can happen for a number of reason, from blood leaking out under the skin to rough handling of the hypodermic or "digging". One way to avoid bruising is to withdraw the nozzle and to put gauze on it immediately and hold it there for 30 second or more. That prevents blood from leaking out and forming a bruise. Source(s): 15 years of drawing blood and starting IVs on little one's.
Mine bruises as I'm on blood thinner medication.but sometimes ppls arm bruises cuz a) they didn't apply enough pressure for a few minutes on their arm..or b) they lifted things near that same arm that blood was taken from.
It can do and quite bad looking sometimes after a couple of days but later it begins to disappear very hurriedly.
You get a lot of good backing with this question, and I agree that after the nozzle is withdrawn, apply direct pressure with a sterile gauze pad, elevate the arm a moment or two and by all means don't consent to the phlebotomist bend your arm to hold the gauze in place. This does not stop the bleeding and you will have a unlikeable bruise. As everyone else said, bruises will heal in a situation of days, and if you can, get out into the sun...the blood under the skin absorb faster in sunlight.
mine doesn't.
This happens because when they draw blood they insert the syringe into the vein and when the needle is pulled out the artery will continue to bleed for a while the best way to prevent this from up is to apply firm pressure to the area for about ten min.
bruising is merely blood beneath the skin. when you fall or bump yourself you break oodles small blood vessels beneath the surface of the skin. eventually the blood is reabsorbed by the body and the buise goes away. when you furnish or draw blood, the piercing of the skin by the needle again breaks many tiny blood vessel and brusing occurs. the skill of the technician goes along instrument towards eliminating the bruising.
It's blood leak into the skin tissue from the needle insertion site. You can really minimize this by applying firm pressure to the site for about 2 minutes after the hypodermic is removed.
because it blows a blood vessel

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