What to do if bitten by bees?

Bees don't bite ~ they sting. Pull out the stinger and apply chewed up tobacco. Or a pastelike mix of baking soda and water.
Run straight to the bank to cash your cheque you merely earned from being the first creature to be bitten by a bee.
-scpape the stinger off w/ ur fingernail, a knife or a sterilized syringe.Dont try to pull the stinger w/ ur fingers or tweezers, as this will only squeeze more toxin into the skin
-apply a weak alkali (baking soda or dilute ammonia) to neutralize the acid toxin
-clean the wound gently with soap & sea to prevent bacterial infection... Source(s): HealthGuide
If the stinger is still stuck surrounded by your skin, use a credit card and do a fast swiping motion to remove the sting. Get someone to help moniter your condition for going on for a day, perhaps a close friend or your clan members. If they notice you enjoy puffy eyes or red and blotchy skin, then do a blood capillary refill trial. Basically this means pressing down on the fingernail of your thumb, and letting go, and see how long it take before the blood rushes back contained by. If it is around 2 seconds or more, you may be alergic to the sting, and be going through anaphylactic shock. See a doctor.
If you are allergic see a doctor.
If you are not, put a cold compress on and bad. Hope you feel better!
i hear if your stung, put baking soda and water, then the stinger is supposed to come out but it doesn't really work...
Bees don't bite; they sting with a barb attached to their abdomen.
If you start to surface lightheaded or tightening in your chest/ throat or if your tongue feels sticky, don't wait call for an ambulance or if someone can drive you to the ER faster than the ambulance could acquire you there have them do it. You could be going into anaphaliactic shock due to allergic response.
If you are not allergic:
1. Remove the stinger using a credit card or similar hard edge. ( Don't pinch the stinger beside anything like tweezers or your fingers it will force more bee venom into your body from the little sack attached to the stinger.) This will prevent more toxin from getting into your body.
2. Take a Benadryl or other OTC allergy medication. It will NOT PREVENT OR TREAT allergic reactions, but it will help stop the swelling and glow that the sting will cause.
3. Put a baking soda paste on the sting. Source(s): Personal experience.

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