I stepped on a sewing pin...?

About a half an inch went through my foot. Is it predictable ill get some considerate of infection from it? After i got it out, i put alcohol on it & bandaged it up.
Suck it up, you'll be fine. It's just a boo-boo
save an eye on it. If it gets yucky pus comin out of it, or looks gross, (you'll know) go see dr. otherwise, you did what you be supposed to. CLean it and bandage it.

Try using an antiseptic ointment too conceivably? clean it well, and use Tea tree grease... it's an antiseptic antibiotic all in one. It's instinctive, and workls like a charm!! Just a drop or two full strength. (works well on any style of skin abraisions i find.)

Good luck!! Am sure you'll be fine!


PS... are you up to date with your tetanus shot? (diptheria i believe.) something to talk to dr. going on for. Only need it about every ten years, and most ancestors had it when in level 9 or 12? can't remember. That you should have though. the immunization specifically.)
I stepped on a sewing needle when I be a kid. It went completely through my big toe and stuck out the other side.

You might want to consider going to the doctor to get a tetanus shot. I get one when it happened to me. Also, make sure you keep hold of the wound clean and apply some antibiotic ointment to it.
Hello. I'm an EMT. It seem unlikely that you would get an infection. This sewing pin was within your house, right? I'd be more concerned if it were outside. Just clean it a couple times a morning with alcohol and you should be fine.
I don't think you should gain an infection as long as the pin wasn't rusty or anything.

I would call the doc just to double check.
Last year our 11 year outmoded stood on a sewing needle,it went straight through her foot.The wife be hysterical,we phoned an ambulance,because it was pouring with blood.They come and it was amazing,it had a moment ago left a little red mark,missed anything major.They just give her some painkillers,and told her to put her feet up and rest it.She was at academy the next day! Antiseptic,keep hold of an eye on it you will be fine.It is a frightening thing to happen,cart care.Plaster it over to keep it verbs from any infection.
please try to put some kind of antibiotic neosporin plus pain is apt. I stepped on a bobby pin once and the edge was rusty and it heal ok. keep it bandaged up with some white gauze apply some peroxide on it at least possible 3 x a day. and do go to the doctor if a red streak forms or severe swelling. maintain the neosporin handy please. I know it hurts. and I am sorry that happened to you. I hope you feel better soon . angelic luck to you. if I can help email me
It is best to get a puncture wound like this to bleed as much as possible - it help flush out the bacteria because you really can't clean it. It is going to hurt - if it get infected the pus is your body fighting the bacteria and it will flush out next to that if you are lucky.

But you are probably going to be fine - just tender. Lucky it didn't break off - raison d`¨ētre that is a real bitc* to attain out.
you did it right now just keep hold of a band aid on it and away from sand or dirt or some thing close to that and u will be fine
Yep! My mate stabbed himself on a rusty nail, and completed up having his hand amputeted because of the infection! He used alcohol to verbs it! Probs it's what is left deeply fixed! Septicemia isn't nice either... if you get any irritation, see your g.p!

Thanks for that! Good Q!

And polite luck!

Peace! Source(s): JLA!
I dont think that you will get an infection from it, especially if you are up to date on your tetanus shots. Tetanus thrives contained by puncture wounds (hence people getting tetanus from stepping on a nail). Just watch it closely. Source(s): I get tetanus from being punctued on the finger with a staple gun.

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