Why is my earring hole infected if I haven't worn earrings within 5 years?

I have puss, and a lump in my earing hole. I haven't worn earing within at least 5 years. It has be a week. I have been putting rubbing alcohol, and cream on it, but it seems to hurt more everyday.
I haven't worn earnings for over 25 years! And I still will carry one of the holes infected once or twice a year! usually when I have a bad cold it happensfor me I a moment ago squeeze the puss out and apply antibiotic ointment and its ok. Isn't it odd after years of no earings this happen?
Causes may be at variance. But the thing is that if you keep the place cleaned consequently it will never go for infection. If infection happens next use some antibiotics which will work form within and externally apply some ointment after wash the infected area.
becose you want take care of it.
When a person has their ears pierced and stop wearing earrings, this can appear. I've found, no matter how painful it may be, to put earrings subsidise on that have been thoroughly cleaned near alcohol. Do this after you clean the area and kindly pull on your ear lobe. Then, put the antibiotic ointment on your ear and also on the earring. Continue taking the earring out every darkness and pull your ear lobe to keep the hold unfold. I know it will hurt, but it will work. I would suggest after healing, you wear your earrings periodically to keep the channel. When you shower every day, be sure to wash your ears capably.
I don't know , but i do this also! I haven't had earring surrounded by my ears for nearly 2 years, and my left ear is now infected, near pus and a hard lump and very tender, similar to yours. Maybe its something we come in contact with?? I'm not sure. Get a small cup, and put some hydrogen peroxide contained by it. Dip your earlobe into the peroxide and let it soak there for around a minute or so 2 - 3 times a day.. seems to give support to for me. My mom told me to put Neosporin on an earring stud and put it through my ear (that way the neo is on the inside helping to fight the infection both ways)
You inevitability an I and D
Incision and Drainage
Probably also some antibiotics
If you've been swimming recently, etc...
You could own ottits externa, that just got contained by to the wrong place.

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