How do i remove a small fish bone from inside my throat short going to the e.r..?

it is not blocking my air way but it make it hard to swallow and it hurts like hell!

somebody give support to
drink lemon liquid. it will soften the fish bone and slowly dissolve it
Eat bread or drink vinegar.
You people, presently is not the time for jokes.
Honey, did you try gargling, or swishing some dampen around in your mouth? Maybe that will dislodge it. Or, even something oily, (I know its gross), conceivably the extra moistness will help it move around.
If all else fail, please go to ER. Good luck!
eat bread... that help, or so I've heard

OOPS... See? ^^^^^^^ Even they think so
Grill yourself surrounded by tin foil with lots of butter so you don't burn, and then the bones should come right out.

Seriously though, specifically not good. I am really sorry, but I think that you should dance to the ER.

If you have some kind of a mirror, resembling a little dentists mirror, that you can hold back over your throat and use to look down contained by there in another mirror, or own a friend do it, you might try to get at it that way.
Eat some bread preferably soft ,a couple of slice s should do it. Source(s): My mum
Eat bread, if that doesnt serve eat a banana.
Banana will for sure help you out.
try consumption several pieces of rye bread, or even heavier bread if you can find it.
Eat cooked leeks without cut.
go to er it may block your airway.
revise how to clean the fish better
I'll remove it for you. I have the perfect tool for that.
Swallow a morseful of cooked rice raw. Source(s): histrory of fish bones stuck contained by throat.
if there is blood, dance immediaterly to the closest ER.
If not, chew of big bite of dry crust of bread and swallow it all together;
if this does not work, try Quaker or Kellogg's without hose down, just chew it.

Good luck!
get through some is light and fluffy and will help bring the bone down. Source(s): personal expierence
Hey there, Swallow a globe of boiled rice. dont munch it just swallow it.i've tried this many times it help
.take care
eat a slice of sliced bread it tend to form a bolus round the bone and carry it down with throat might okay feel sore and scratchy after though and you may get for a time infection gargle afterwards with tcp or saltwater to ease it if it doesn't work return with yourself to a doctor or a& e straight away...
chew some bread, it should push it down into your stomach and you'll digest it fine
if that doesn't move it, you'll own to go to the ER
dont eat dinner at chucks house and that wont happen!
Go to your fire station and if there is a paramedic on duty (make sure it's a paramedic and not an EMT or any other firefighter) and ask him/her if they will take it out near Magil forceps. They may or may not do it depending on if he/she is a weenie and worried about you suing him. If you signed a standard release I'd do it for you but I'm here and you are there.
Take a handful of cooked rice. Roll it into a ball. Swallow it whole down through your throat. That should unstick the bone from your throat. Try it a few times next to different rice balls.
you should go the to ER. The bone may be making a hole within your thoat and could cause greater problems later. If you swallow the bone it could stick into an organ and impose great big problems. Source(s): I am a nurse
crawl around your table and meow approaching a cat. do three laps.
Eat a piece of bread, when you swallow the chewed up bread it will usually grab hold of the fishbone and verbs it out.
I know swallowing banana works. Or a mouthful of...RICE. *lol* But I'm serious.

Or I'll send a cat over to get his paw verbs in your mouth? Kidding..

PS: If it still pains, you better go to a doctor coz my friend's mom be rushed into hospital caused by the same entry.
Eating a banana is the best way to remove it.

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