Sunburn - Whats The Best For It?

Vitamin E
ALOE VERA - Plant Of Earth


i been using ALOE VERA or whatever they hail as it

its good but is there better

tomato fasten
Keep your burnt skin verbs using Basis soap and don't put anything on it as it needs to die and fall sour. Sleep in all cotton pajamas. Learn to stay in the shade as it's toxic and causes skin cancer. Tanning is a form of body abuse.
I burn vastly easily, even if I have sunblock on. The best point for me has always be aloe vera. Sometimes if the burn hurts too bad I will use bactine to numb it a bit.
Normal hot shower, it stings a short time but it actually takes the fry from the skin + Aloe Vera thereafter.
I get super sunburnt once, to help with the rosiness and pain, grab some toilet/tissue thesis and wet it, then get hold of someone to gently place it onto your sunburnt area, it relieves the stomach-ache pretty quickly, and you'll get a better dark sleep.

SLIP on a shirt
SLOP on sunscreen
SLAP on a hat
SEEK some shade
SLIDE on some sunnies Source(s): The Australian weather and good ol traditions!
Haha I'm a lifeguard and last summer I stupidly decided to turn to work without sun tan lotion on the hottest hours of daylight of the year. I was outside for 5 hours, yeah I was adjectives everywhere my swimsuit wasn't. I called a friend because I didn't have like mad of Aloe Vera. They told me to put Apple Viniger on a paper bag and put it on your skin. Also nick a warm shower. The combination makes you prepare faster and makes the soreness not as bad Source(s): lifeguard
ALOE VERA AND PAPAYA (PAW PAW). Both are natural. also keep a big level collagen in your diet it smoothly repairs skin. Fatty fish like tuna and salmon are good sources of it. Source(s): nsca (national strength and conditioning association). its collateral fluency from an article i read
To be honest, my red cross first aid trainer other advises people to avoid after sun lotions. All they do is moisturise already worn out skin and, if they contain lanolin, can even 'cook' it. If you've ever used after sun that's helped for a little while but later the burning sensation's returned, this is what's happening.

The best thing to do is to use your standard body lotion, and if you necessitate to cool the skin down, have a cool shower. Can't beat it.
regular vinegar will cut back on the can cool the vinegar by putting it in the fridge..then pat it on your will smell kinda strongly, but it will relieve the burn

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