i burned my self with A LOT of candle wax and it burns! the skin is raised within that area, what am i supposed to put on it!?
Place rime on the burned area.
Any Aloe Vera cream. Go to the pharmacy and ask the pharmacist...they will help.
Do NOT put ice on it... it will solely make it worse. Its probably just a blister, so put ur foot under cold water next dry it gently. finally put some aloe vera and wait for it to alleviate by itself
cold water intil the burning stops, then dry sterile dressings, and clutch somne ibuprophen to help with anguish and inflamation burns hurt, be careful if it blisters and they pop watch for infection
It is other good if u put a cold wet scarf over it but dont rub,scratch or itch
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Cold water. Hold it under a faucet.
Cold marine or ice
put Vaseline on it
Put Neosporin on it or Aloe Vera. Then after that put a band aid on,and an rime pack. If it is really that bad call the doctor. :] GL hope you perceive better!
gain to a pharmacy.
And DONT try popping any blisters, i read a story about someone who did it, and the needle she used be not sterile, so she got her limbs amputated...
Treat a First Degree Burn:
Run cool, not cold, marine over a minor first degree burn.
Treat the burn with a soothing burn nouns product like aloe vera, or a cooling spray. Keep covered from sun, either near a loose bandage or sunproof clothing.
Treat pain near an over the counter pain reliever like Tylenol, Advil or Aleve. Do not use Aspirin.
Treat a Second Degree Burn
Cool the burn. The crucial thing is to lower the temperature of the skin and prevent further disrupt, which may take a while. DO NOT use aloe, honey, butter, or any other similar substance, as a second degree burn cause the skin to slough away, leaving the tender lower layers of skin susceptible to infection. These substances should not be used on expand wounds.

Run cool, not cold, water over the burned area for at lowest 15 minutes.
Another good way to cool a burn is to steal several clean washcloths and submerge them in a container of rime water. One at a time, gently apply the washcloth to the burned nouns, swapping them when the washcloth becomes warm. Do in some way apply ice to the skin's surface, as cold of that severity can further damage skin.
Assess the severity of the burn. Along near the degree of the burn, the severity is indicated by its size and location. A burn on the hands, frontage, feet, genitals, or other area near weak, sensitive skin is far more serious than a burn in a smaller number painful location, because complications in these areas could result within serious consequences. The size of the burn is also important. Second degree burns larger than 3 inches, OR on these risk areas, require immediate medical attention.
Treat the burn with an antibiotic cream. Place a dry gauze wrapping over the burn and attach it to the healthy skin with medical cassette. Repeat the treatment at least once every day. Keep free of dirt, and away from direct sunlight. Salve the burned nouns with damp cloths, if needed.
Check the burned nouns daily for infection. Signs of infection include: increasing pain, green or blue discoloration, heated skin, pus, increasing rosiness, swellings or any kind of discharge. If you see these signs, get medical attention quickly.
As the burn begins to heal, treat the just now formed skin with liquid Vitamin E. This comes surrounded by capsules that can be pierced, but more conveniently, in small bottles, and is available at the vitamin counter at drug stores. This will stifle the risk of scarring and make the new skin itch smaller amount. ONLY begin the Vitamin E treatment once the skin is completely sealed from infection.
Make sure to other keep your scarred nouns covered in sunblock. Scars don't have the size to protect themselves from the sun, so further damage is possible if the area is burned again.
Do not treat Third Degree Burns. If you hold a Third Degree Burn, go to the doctor or hospital right away.

immediately, next call doctor
STOP!! DON'T put ice on it, as mentioned earlier, it will solely get worse as your body gets used to it. Then when you can no longer hang on to it iced, it will hurt 1000 times worse than it does now! Sounds like a partial concentration (aka 2nd degree) burn. As an EMT, we are trained only to wrap the area within a DRY sterile dressing, and transport. What the hospital does beyond there is at the discretion of the doctor. As previously stated, Aloe will help, as will keeping the blisters intact.

Hope I could backing some!

Jeremy Source(s): EMT
u should put rime then u should call the doctor cuz that could carry dirty and u could get a serious disease. hurry!!
I am not spelling this correctly where on earth is the burn, if this does not hurt put aloe on it. you can buy it at any pharmacy or market.
i reflect you should just run it under cold sea to let it heal
run it under water u dont wanna put rime on it cuz it will cause the skin to cool down too quickly. Then after that put aloe on it
cold water later cream!
I burnt my arm on a heated metal jar from the oven and then again on the cooker i ran my burns underneath cold water till they stopped stinging and burning and then i applied some antiseptic cream.
put under cold hose down. ice it and go to the doctor's
*******If the burn is really bad, you requirement to see a doctor ASAP, but if it is just a slight burn, the following works..****
I know this will sound a touch weird, but I burn my self when cooking all the time and this other works for me..
Take an egg and separate the yolk from the egg white..
You only need the egg white for this.. Apply a coating of egg white to the burned nouns and then store the left over egg white surrounded by the fridge.. Every half hour or so, add another coating of the egg white.. The coolness of the egg white, sooths the burn and the coating help it to heal.. I just preserve applying until it feels better and then rinse stale the egg white after 8 hours or so..
Flush it with Cold Water and jump to your local pharmacy and get some Burn Cream.
run your mitt or affected area within cold water to help the swelling step down and if it gets extremely red go to the doctor right away because you burned pretty doomed to failure. 2nd degree burns are serious. Source(s): CNA and certified in First Aid
Nothing beat burn spray! Helps it heal and takes the throbbing away!

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