My Lip Won't Stop Bleeding...Why?

I was picking some dead skin RIGHT surrounded by the middle of my upper lip earlier tonight...usually when I do this it'll bleed for a few minutes then stop. I'll maintain pressing my lip to the back of my hand to check and see when it's done bleeding or I'll sue a tissue to calculate it...for some reason it hasn't let up..every time I put my lip to my appendage or a tissue it's still a dark spot of's been doing this non-stop for something like 3 or 4 hours there any process to get it to stop or is this like...a serious problem? It's not bleeding a LOT at a time, but it is bleeding matching amount over and over and shows no signs of letting up. I rubbed some peroxide on it earlier but it had no effect...
use ice and stop picking at your skin anywhere anytime!
You must enjoy really pulled off a good band of skin. The lips are highly vascular so they hold the tendency to bleed quite a bit when the skin is compromised. Try holding firm direct pressure on the nouns for 10 minutes straight and then slowly and carefully coat back the tissue (or whatever you are holding against it). Don't purely pull it straight off; in actuality PEEL it from one side slowly. It should stop then.
Don't touch it so much. That stops the blood from clotting on it. Try purely a mirror.

Try not moving around or talking.

The reason it's bleeding so much is because of equal reason your lips are red- there's lots of blood vessel and the skin is very thin.

Wait some more.
Take some cotton and put pressure on your lip for 2 minutes with out lifting the cotton up to see if the bleeding has stopped, it have happened to me and that's how I got it to stop bleeding.After that don't touch it at adjectives and give it time to scab over, don't pick at it or it will never stop bleeding.
Stop picking it and go to a doctor. Lip bleeding is one of the impulsive signs of lip cancer.
Like the guy above told you to do, you want to put direct pressure on the quantity that's bleeding for about 10 mins. then slow raise off. Picking on your lips late skin is not good. Pick up some carmex lipbolm. If that doesn't help the chapped mouth see a dermatologist and they will prescribe something for your lips.

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