Ear infection problems or pimple?

I had this ache contained by my right ear a few days ago and I thought it was an inner ear pimple so I went to the doctor but she in recent times said it was dry because of the rash from my eczema. Then suddenly that side heal after four days but the same pain shifted to my departed ear. My lymph node on the left side is now severely swollen and I can't really hear anything from that side. And after I broke out into hives. Whenever I sleep, I feel the blood rushing to the ear and it's really painful to the point I can't sleep. Is it Swimmer's ear or some type of ear infection or only just a pimple?
Sounds close to an inner ear infection. You need to go to the Doctor previously it gets worse.
Your ear is seriously trying to kill you. It has be hired by your *** to assassinate your brain. You should try to stop it immediately, taking any measures as necessary. In certainty, hire your nose to kill your ear. Nose is usually incredibly flexible with negotiation, so I think you can obtain it to do the job. If not, try your eye, but the left one singular. The right eye has a stupid inferiority complex. Left eye is way more awesome as it know martial art to kill your ear effectively. In increase, your left eye is able to fire eyeballs at 300 m/s, cause so much damage that your ear would just run away and hop on the bus. Yeah it's getting annoying very soon. Go hire your nose. Hope that helps!
Your ears are just going through a weird phase right presently, cannot decide where to put the strain. anyway, I think you should see a doctor. confusion always lead to no good- better get it some help.

also, can you seize swimmer's ear by not swimming?
sounds like its time to find a better doctor.

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