What is the product of toluene + bromine?

i think its BrCH3
not sure
Brominated toluene is the product.

Assuming that one Br atom reacts with one toluene molecule near are two possible products depending on the reaction conditions. One is nuclear bromination in the benzene nucleus C6H5 to form CH3.C6H4.Br and the other is side manacle bromination in the methyl group CH3 to form C6H5.CH2.Br.

If more than one bromine atom reacts beside one molecule of toluene then there are several possiblities depending on the impulse conditions. Source(s): Chemistry background
I don't give a shite.

How many times are you going to ask this quiz?

The bromine may attack the proton on the CH3 group but the reactions between halogens and aromatics are heat dependant as too is the presence of a catalyst or protective group.

Perhaps you can provide more detail?

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