What to do when an ant go inside the ear?

One night when we were adjectives fast asleep, my fifteen-year old daughter suddenly get up, wailing in pain recounting me that an ant went inside her ear and it's really hurting as it walks inside. She tried to use the ear pick to try to get hold of the ant out but to no avail. We suggested to blow smoke from the cigarette to kill the ant but the thought of making go further inside or die made us deduce twice it might be more difficult to get it out. Good enough, after a while, she feel the ant was walking toward the outer ear and I saw it came outside fluently. My worry is if it happens again to any of us, what must be done at once while contained by the house??
please listen...a few drops of alcohol will kill the bug--do not use oil, do not continue for it to die(!), then, flush insect carcass out with lots of lukewarm river and a bulb-type syringe...

peace, tammy
Achoal is what the doctor will use and pour into the ear to slaughter the bug. I wouldn't poke anything in there though. As long as the eardrum is not punctured or anything it isn't poisonous to the ear. And you don't have to put that much in.
I am not a doctor I merely know this from growing up in the country.
Don't use oil the bug will of late get caught in the slime but will still be alive.
go to an ENT (ear, nose & throat) Dr.
By my experience, when an ant goes inside your ear, drop some oil into your ear (1-3 drops) (there's an specific mixture for this situation, but when you hold nothing, oil is ok), you'll quality easier soon later, after that, use absorbent cotton-wool to verbs your ear ^^
this happen to me too when i was about 8 my mom took me to the ER adjectives they did was flush it out with hose. simple and effective. its a scary item did you know they scream? my mom thought i was psycho because every time it scream i would to then start smacking myself in the manager. tell your daughter i feel her headache. i slept with cotton in my ears for months after that. hope this is a lend a hand to you
pour rubbing alcohol down the canal and the ant will die immediately and will be flushed out.
You know what the ER does, shines a light in the ear, specially if it's a flying insect. Bugs travel to the night light!
hihi is right.
yuck! hopefully there wont be a next time but if it is give somebody a lift her to the doctor
That isn't something that commonly happens, so hopefully you won't ever have to matter with this again. The ear is closed off once you carry to the eardrum, so there was no peril of the ant going further inside her head. The reason we enjoy ear wax is as an insect repellent, believe it or not! The bugs don't like the smell or taste of it, so intrinsically the ant wandered on out. It's never a good view to put anything inside your ear, even a Qtip should only be used for swabbing the outside of the ear. Using it could have kill the ant (ruining it's chances of coming out on its own as it did) and perhaps cause an infection as her body tries to rid itself of the tiny ant corpse. Also, people have punctured their eardrums by poking things too far into their ear canal. So you actually did the best thing..even though it have to be terribly annoying to hear that little creature crawling around in near.***shudder***. Let it come out the way it went within. Oh, and spray for ants!! Good luck!
put rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide surrounded by your ear.
You really own to make sure that there are no bugs where on earth your daughter sleeps. Besides making sure the room and bed are bug free, make sure the kids have a tub and change into clean PJs for sleeping. Ants can come within on clothes.
No eating or sticky drinks in the bed nouns.
I would reccomend that you get an ear sirynge. They will let you rinse the ant out next to a soft stream of water.
Next time you are at the docs, as him or her what they reccomend. Source(s): I don't know about ants but as for a time kid we lived in a house with seriously of cracks along the baseboards, etc. Each night my dad came contained by to kill the scorpions that came into the bedroom where on earth we kids slept. I don't think we ever got bit.
The first-aide for an insect in the ear is mineral oil (baby oil).
This keep the insect from injuring the canal and drum, as well as smothers it. Flush it out near warm water. Source(s): Red Cross First Aide.
rubbing alcohol on a Qtip
Ear Wax is honourable enogh to kill the ant. I know that we all return with worry when it goes inside and we started jump etc. Just you can use Cotton Bud to get it but normally ant will die sometime after. Dont verbs. But if you see real problem, may go to Doctor ( ENT ).

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