Which is the best instant medication to stop bleeding from minor cuts?

Medication? Well for a minor cut you wouldn't really use medication. A simple heating pad would help

If you do use medication for some reason, it would probably be a coagulant (blood clotting meds) followed by topical (applied onto skin or cut) antibiotic emolument and covered by an adhesive bandage.
They also hold a powder you can sprinkle on a wound to help stop bleeding but it is often used within large wounds. Source(s): emt / med student
I would not rely on any medication. I really dont think they have anything to stop bleeding. The just thing you can do is apply pressure right on the wound. Also, keep elevated.
just put d injury under cold sea for sometime
n apply bandage
pressure first, elevation, clean it, and put on a juice band-aid.
Hi at hand,
There is no medication on the market which stops bleeding...minor or major. With a small, minor cut, the bodies safeguard mechanism will automatically cause clotting within the wound (eventually a 'scab') within minutes and the bleeding will stop.

The only first aid act you should take is to clean the wound beside water.water is contained by fact, just as efficient as antiseptic creams and lotions from shops...to remove any dirt and germs in the wound; and then apply a dressing (eg: plaster/band aid) to prevent infection from dirt/germs while the wound is uncap.

First Aider/EMT
best way to stop bleeding from any cut is pressure, not medication. Source(s): RN
a plaster

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