How to treat a cut on the fingertip?

i cut a small tip of my finger off while using a slicing machine. constituent of the nail and a small part of flesh be cut. the cut didn't go all the approach through and has closed the wound. kind of similar to an apple that you cut in half and maintain together. should i see a doctor? how do i take a shower w/o getting it wet? the cut is close to less than a centemeter wide.

after i cut myself i run the cut through warm water and put pressure on it to stop it from bleeding.
hardly worth worrying roughly speaking
but can wash hand /cut
place finger within salt take sour excess and tightly wrap finger in a wateproof plaster
leave for a daytime or so
then take past its sell-by date plaster and let air get to it
salt will kill any infection and give support to knit skin again
Like someone else mentioned, if it is deep you should see a doctor. Also if it doesn't stop hurting for a while you should jump see a doctor. I'm sure it's fine, but you should put some neosporin on it(that's what i use for cuts) and put a waterproof band-aid. You should change the band-aid a couple of times a time and keep re-applying cream.
warm water cause the blood to flow actively - so wrong for you to do that.
Anyways, depends how long ago this happened, if it's really really big like 3 inches long - you might obligation stiches.
but if it is just a small cut 1/4 inch - just cover it and don't put too much pressure surrounded by it, keep it dry all the time, as in good health as try not to put your hand down hanging - you hold to carry it all the time until the bleeding is over. Try not to gain it wet at least for a week.
use peroxide on the cut twice a day to prevent infection and used a cream such as neosporin and you should be ok
If this cut ie, laceration occured in a 24 hour period it is important that you contact a physician it ensure you may or may not involve sutures for proper wound closure and healing. Also, when was your ending tetnus shot? If you can't remember it's probally time for another. Regarding the first aid at the time of the cut; did you use an antiseptic to clean the wound?
You should apply some type of antiseptic such as neosporin, wrap or dress the wound with verbs gauze or sterile band aid or some type. It should be changed at least each day. You can shower but do not let the wound get raining if possible, especially in standing sea such as a bath. Source(s): 25 years as an assistant to a physician.
As long as it stopped bleeding and the ends close; there isnt anything to see the doctor roughly unless you just want to.

Just keep it verbs (mild soap & water) and keep it covered.
Go to the drug store and get special bandaids that for fingertips. Will assistance keep it dry.
The possibility of infection is so great I'd insist on you to see a doctor.
maybe u should see a doctor if its markedly deep but if its just on the skin put some cream on it and agree to it air out ill be fine
Cleaning and pressure was the right entry. Band-aid it in a way to hold on to a bit of pressure (hold it together). Use a hair-color type cello-type glove to keep it dry. My kid cut his finger to the bone (dishwashing) with a broken chalice. Emergency room (7-stitches) cost $700 in Dallas.
Stop being a girly man!
If the cut isn't that deep or serious i wouldn't see a doctor i'd permit it heal on its own. Make sure to use some neosporin and other antibiotics on the cut so as not to get it infected. As for taking a shower-wrap ur finger near some gauze or bandaids then wrap it with some plastic (reynolds wrap) or plastic glove later commence with the shower short fear of getting ur finger wet. If ur finger starts to bother u afterwards see a doctor.
keep clean using soap & dampen.Use bandaid for protection, and after cleaning let dry fully ,maybe for a time sunshine too.Should scab a little over next week or so later you are good to go. Clean slicer blade next to alcohol wipe,And be carefull...
see adoctor
it will eventually make well. just try to wrap a band aind around and put hydrogen peroxide on it . Source(s): cut myself surrounded by the same spot while chopping up vegetables

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