Wasp sting?

I just got stung by a wasp surrounded by the middle of my forehead and its all swollen. What can i put on it iv tried loads but nothing have worked wen i got stung before?
ice cubes plenty of them to pilfer the swelling down keep them on a long time .Then put some bite cream on it ,if you have any.
if ur contained by the uk, try germolene cream, erm vineger is ment to help and take ibuprofen regularly. it seem like u might be allergic to the bite but only slightly if u be really badly allergic u wud die.

if nothing resembling creams etc work go to the chemist asap and ask their advice
Step One-Remove the stinger. Scrape a dull butter knife against your skin surrounded by the opposite direction of the stinger entry. It should pop out. Some sources recommend removing a stinger with tweezers. However, this method can potentially inject more toxin into your skin as you attempt to pry and prod out the stinger.
2Step Two-Reduce pain and swelling with rime. Try to avoid putting ice directly on skin, because it can cause a flesh burn. Instead, use an rime pack or wrap a washcloth around the ice. Remove it after 10 to 15 minutes and dry the site thoroughly.
3Step Three-Use a topical antihistamine, such as diphenhydramine hydrochloride, available in cream, stick or gel.
4Step Four-Opt for a topical anesthetic for agony not relieved by antihistamine. Consider topical lidocaine or benzocaine.
5Step Five-Apply a topical hydrocortisone cream to reduce allergic reaction around site.
6Step Six-Take an oral analgesic, similar to ibuprofen, for general pain that may result from toxin circulating throughout your bloodstream.
7Step Seven-Consider applying moist baking soda or mud to the sting site. Although there is no scientific evidence that these remedies work, some relations find that they provide relief.
Tips & Warnings
If you have experienced a severe counterattack to any type of sting or bite in the past, you may be allergic to stings and bites. If you are, your doctor will provide you next to a hypodermic syringe filled with epinephrine. Carry this syringe beside you whenever you go outside.
If you notice pus or severe redness/swelling 24 hours after man stung, you may have an infection. See a doctor.
Go to the emergency room immediately if you own any signs of severe reaction or anaphylactic shock following any type of sting or bite: confusion; nausea and vomiting; swelling of the lips, tongue, throat, and/or nouns around the eyes; wheezing; difficulty breathing or talking; or loss of consciousness.
If you experience any severe reaction to a sting, or are attacked by a significant number of wasps or hornets at once, get medical help urgently.
If symptoms persist or if you have specific medical conditions or concerns, we recommend you contact a physician. This information is not intended as a substitute for professional medical counsel or treatment.

Overall Things You'll Need
Hydrocortisone Creams
Topical Anesthetic
Butter Knives
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Vinegar and brown paper bag - If the sting cause extreme swelling, take a brown paper rucksack, tear it into pieces to use as bandages or wraps and soak them within vinegar. Then apply them to the sting and surrounding swollen areas. Once the wraps begin to dry out, toss them and start all over, repeating the process. This relieves both swelling and dull pain!

How to help a sting - Right after being stung, find a tea bag and wet it. Put it on the nouns that was stung it will help it not swell or turn black and blue. I am sitting here beside a wasp sting on my leg.

Bleach works - I was stung by a wasp on the back of my collar (not sure if the stinger was removed). First I applied peroxide, after someone tried to squeeze out the singer. The sting still hurt an hour after, so I tried the bleach and that relieved the stinging. Later, I applied an ice pack and it relieved the swelling and discomfort.
yea put viniger on some cotten woll then wipe on sting it should work Source(s): preveous experiance
a wasp sting is alkaline so you obligation a weak acid, such as vinegar or lemaon liquid to put on it. The acid and the alkaline will cacel each other out and help yourself to away the sting.
Or you could get a bee to sting you in the exact same place as its sting is sharp lol Source(s): boring Chemistry lesson
bloody hell can i get a word contained by,its like having a conversation next to the wife, first mate..get someone to make sure the stings not be left in.its doubt-full because solitary bees do that and then die? wasps just sting the cr*p out of those for a laugh.
next step...soak yourself surrounded by vinegar, this will ease it.
ice purse to take the swelling down.
mixed baking soda with a Little marine and make a paste. Put it on the sting for a few minutes. You can also use chewed tobacco
baking soda, meat tenderizer, and good old mud they will adjectives take the swelling down and feel severely soothing. if it's not better in a day or two see a doc.
Try Vinegar
One of them should work wonders.
Bee Bicarp, Vinegar Wasp.

I learn this at school in science (one of the few things I took through next to me from science class!). Bee stings are acidic, so put bicarbonate of soda on them to neutralise the sting. Wasp stings are alkaline - so you put vinegar on them to neautralise it.

Hope this helps! Source(s): Dr Lawrence - Science Teacher!!
Use vinegar instantly, and hold a cloth soaked in it until it stops hurting. It's very impressive. In fact it's the only entity that works on the northern Australian coast for the box jelly fish - the stingers - that can kill.
find a bee and seize it to sting you in the same place . because one of in that stings it acidic and one is an alkaline so they neutrilise (yeah i suck a spelling)
Put Benedryl cream on it and also ice it. I use the Benedryl cream surrounded by a stick and it works for me and I also ice it. Also have it checked out to create sure that you are not allergic to wasps. I am so I use Benedryl and I have to Ice it.

Wasps,hornets,Yellow Jackets will continously sting and they do not leave the sting contained by. Only Bees do.
Sorry to hear you get stung.Get well soon. Tips to get in good health:
Keep a wet flannel on it - keep it cool. If it goes enormous or pusy after it has become infected. I hope it doesn't.
i just now got stung by a really really big wasp, too. i was at the mere and they put on some sting stuff that takes away the itch, the sting, and everything.i dont know what it's called though, and it probably is too postponed to use that on it anyway. put ice on it. it should help the swelling, and can also releive the anguish by numbing it. i feel your pain. ;)
get some vinegar on it and draw from some one to pull the sting out
if it be a wasp they do not leave the sting in,
they of late leave the poison,
the best thing i enjoy ever found that works every time is TIGER BALM the white one
the red one is good for other things
you can buy it in any boots shop
its made of pure inbred oils
I researched on the internet and theres not much but one site say put ice on it and some meat tendadiser(?)
Rub butter into the sting nouns.

A wasp's sting leaves an acid trace in the flesh, [not sure what the tart is called or made of exactly] and it is this which causes the sometimes stinging swelling.

Butter which is basically an animal fat, is the differing to the acid in the wasp's sting and it will neutralise it.

If this home remedy does not work now, then I recommend you visit your doctor in a minute and without delay.

Edit: I hold been stung many times contained by my 66 years by wasps and have lived in the country here surrounded by UK where the only remedy for most things is any a known home remedy or call out the vet.
a cotton wool bubble soaked in vinegar
white vinegar if you have it
ouch I hate wasp stings! You can get special sting nouns creams and stuff from places like Boots
nothing realy the wasp stings near a type of formic acid. you can take priiton to take the edge off the itchyness and swelling remember always read the label
try vinegar
tobacco from a cigarette and spit together to make a little globe on top of the sting site will "draw the poison out". it really does work. if you still have the stinger within you NEVER use any type of "squeezing method" to remove the stinger, use a credit card type object to "scrape" the stinger out. Both of these methods word I PROMISE i don't know how many times i hold had to do them to myself and many others Source(s): us army medic

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