My sister have a cooking - grease burn on her arm. How can we treat it?

She used peroxide on it, and now it's scabbing over. She had be putting aloe vera gel on it. It's gotten a bit pink & swollen, so that's when she used the peroxide, and now we don't know what we can do to 1) make it have a feeling better (besides aloe) and 2) make it heal faster. She's afraid it shouldn't enjoy scabbed over. Is that a bad thing? What do you suggest?
cold water is the best/only first aid when you burn yourself - 20 minutes under the slap and no less. NEVER ice OR vinegar OR milk OR butter OR green tea OR mustard OR toothpaste OR sunscreen OR semen OR vaseline OR tomatoes OR vanilla extract OR yogurt OR sour cream OR egg white OR egg wan OR lavender oil OR cocoa butter OR salt OR tea loads OR potato OR shaving cream OR olive oil OR baking soda OR banana peel OR petroleum jelly OR whip cream OR avocado OR bacon grease OR corn starch OR turmeric OR lemon juice OR curd OR pickle juice OR soy sauce OR urine OR talcum powder OR mash strawberries OR exfoliating scrub OR mayonnaise OR peroxide OR bleach OR deep heat OR ketchup OR red grapes OR hairspray- not until the skin is fully heal!

ibuprofen or aspirin will help but large burns are habitually accompanied by stomach ulcers, so tylenol/panadol is best for aching if you are gonna tough it out. drink plenty of water or energy drinks that don't hold caffeine (gatorade)

i would advise that you cover the burnt nouns with white soft paraffin (white petroleum) or aqueous cream bp. (check the links below and see if you can find a local equivalent). wash the burn and reapply every 4-6 hours - cover near cling wrap if you wish to cover with clothes - this will stop your clothes getting covered beside paraffin and maintains the burn. cling wrap alone is also ok if you can't get hold of any paraffin. it act as a protective artificial skin - helping retain moisture and protect from further damage and pain.

aloe is correct coz it remoisturises but that moisture can be quickly lost as the skin can't contain fluids. so put aloe on, and then the paraffin on over the top. if in that is broken skin leave out the aloe - just paraffin.………

email if you still enjoy questions - send photos feedingthedogcustard(a)

finally if you are really worried stir to a hospital that has a burns unit or plastic surgeons. serious sunburn i.e. blisters (and adjectives other burns) should be seen by a burns trained doctor or nurse. Source(s): Burns RN
1) Dont use ANY more peroxide, as it not only kills microbes but new skin/tissue cells as okay.

2)Put ICE on it. Leave it on for 20 mins, remove for 20 minutes, repeat as needed.

3)Since it has scabed over, put some Neosporin or it's equivalent on and cover with guaze wrapping while doing the ice. Source(s): Medical student/
okay i can tell u from my experience with a grease when i burned my foot i blistered over and swole up and after i pulled the skin off and exposed it to infection. You dont want that so go and see a burn specialist and they'll report you what to do for it
Apparently, your sister did not consider the burn to be serious as she treated it herself. First degree burns are similar to a sunburn, treated by using a first-aid spray, lotion, or rime. Second-degree burns attack the first layer of the skin and affect the second layer, normally requiring a physician's expertise. Third-degree burns always demand licensed medical attention.

If your sister is really concerned give or take a few her condition, I suggest she consult a physician instead of Yahoo.Answers!
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