Help! i cut the tip of my finger cooking!! how do i stop the bleeding!?

hi.I know that a pressure bandage will stop the bleeding,noy bandaids but gauze lint and try to leave it alone for a day.Should do the trick. Source(s): personal exp
Get a napkin or towel and wrap it on it..hold it tightly but don't cut off circulation.
If it's VERY deep shift to the doctor, you might need stiches.
direct pressure but not too much if the finger starts turning purple dont use as much pressure
Keep presure on it
Get a cloth or towel and apply direct pressure to the site, where you cut your finger off.
Then after applying pressure, hold your finger above your principal. This will slow the blood flow to the extremity.
If it is very deep, you may entail to go to the hospital and get stiches.
If you enjoy not had a tetnaus shot in the previous 10 years dance and get a booster for that.
Becareful near the pressure if you cut off all circulation you will lose the finger.
firm direct pressure now
relax--pull your self together--grab a towel or rag for immediately closet to you ..apply alot of pressure. keep the hand elevated ..take ice and do not distrb the cloth or rag you put on the site purely lay the ice over the injured area...furnish it a few minutes say 10, take a glance if it is not flowing you will be fine keep it wraped in verbs towel now and even bandages--if you are flowing in blood after 10 min bring to the emergency room they will have to give you sutures(stitches)..ok well brought-up luck.. Source(s): worked hospitals..
I looked at the First aid kit surrounded by my house for instructions ... here's what it says for bleeding wounds...

-Have victim lay down to slow heart rate.
- Elevate .. use gravity to control bleeding, donot remove broken limb.
- Direct pressure: apply direct pressure with sterile dressing or gloved hand
- Donot remove embeded objects, apply insulation around the object, and call 911 or jump to hospital..! Source(s): My first aid kit
Put direct prussre on the cut with a verbs gauze bandage and when the bleeding stops then put a verbs gauze bandage on it.
Must have been a backache to type the question out =P
(yes i know, I'm hilarious)

Mind you i did do this when i was 11... finger get slammed in the hinge side of a door and it was lifeless off by a thread of skin. Anyway, I was made to hold my finger contained by the air to make the blood stir into the opposite direction and slow it down and got pressure applied to it. Please budge to the hospital to avoid infection then your problems could get worse than a short time ago losing the tip.
For a clean cut next to a knife, forget wadding paper towels or anything on it. Once it have bled a bit (clean it out, and get plenty of platelets to the site), use your other hand to helpfully hold the cut closed. I've never had a cut that would still ooze once I held it right. Hold it for 20 minutes, if at all possible. Your blood have all kinds of cool stuff within it to clot the blood and start healing.

The absolute best entity once you've let it sit and clot up is to cover the cut with some BandAid epoxy resin. Great stuff! If you don't have any, just receive sure to cover the cut with a bandage so the edges of the cut remain held together.

The final entry is to keep it dry for a few days. I've showered and washed my mane with a baggie over one finger. When you get the skin raining, the edges of the cut swell and lift.

I've found things heal swiftly when treated this way. The worst thing next to a cut is having it get pulled widen again.

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