Ca you "pop" a mosquito bite?

You know on summer those damn mosquitos come and bit you all over to get blood, can you pop those "pimple" looking bumps?
NO! Just apply alcohol or any other itch med on it. If you pop it, it will go and get a scar. I know it can me bothersome but don't pop it.
I'm not sure about popping them, but I usually scrape or poke or cut them open. get the clear solution out a few times aday, and its gone that day for me.
I don't get pimple looking things. I receive red whelps. Put some alcohol on it or just wash bad with soap and water if you hold no alcohol. Any kind of pimple looking thing should probably be gone alone. You do not want to risk getting staph.

(Trust me, I know about mosquito's. I live in South Louisiana.)
I don't mull over you can pop a mosquito bite unless it gets infected for some reason. They are a short time ago bumps that are on the skin that have a tiny little hole from where the mosquito in reality bit you. It is best to leave them a lone because the more you itch the worse it is gonna feel, and the together area will turn all red and spolotchy. What I usually do it I first hold a hot compress on the bite, next i clean it with peroxide, later I put calomine lotion on there and it feels great.
you can but it only get a little bit of clear fluid out but it should help near the itching ang will help the swelling go down faster.
try not to gross it bleed! Source(s): experience
no don t they depart from scars if you do
nope. a mosquito bite is close to a hive. you get them because all humans are allegic to mosquito saliva, its not at adjectives like a pimple.
no i used to try when i was little .. it doesnt work
the best thing to use to keep those bugs rotten you and other insects off go to a pharmacy and buy something call hexol it smells really bad but rub some on you before you shift out and nothing will get on you a moment ago keep it away from your eyes and mouth.

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