Be sting! what to do?

I just got bit 15 min. ago through my shirt. the stinger is out, but what am i sopposed to do? swolleness is the size of a dollor coin. I dont guess i am allergic to stings.
put a slice of raw potato on the sting and the poison will draw right out after several minutes
bees honey is a good antidote to bee stings, apply it on the artificial area.
First make sure the stinger is out (which you said it already was...but if, take the end of your dirvers license or a credit card and run it acorss the nouns and that will remove the stinger). Put ice on it to help beside the swelling and if it doesn't go need to step to the drug store and get Benadryl. It will make you sleepy, but it's going to stop the allergic repercussion that you're having.

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