NEW SKIN - Liquid Bandage, is it really merely Super Glue w/ antiseptic?

Someone told me save my money and use super glue instead.
is this true?
because "New Skin" works great, but does cost!
yup, same stuff.
erin, a nurse.
same stuff glue away
Super glue works very powerfully, save your money!
Yes, super bonding agent works.
Yes it costs and it does work. But superglue works too. Just be paid sure that the wound is cleaned very well and don't use it adjectives the time your wound need to breathe Source(s): Medical Assistant for 10 years. Family Practice, Immunizations, Internal med and Vascular/General Surgery.
Basically the same stuff, verbs the wound throughly and go for it, just pay attention its could really sting if too much is used..
not the same; newskin is a safer polymer w/antiseptic.
PS don't be cheap
yea basically they're indistinguishable thing. superglue does work great to heal cuts but its not really the cleanest method. Source(s): EMT

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