I accidentally stapled my finger and I took the staple out but its red and purple what should I do give or take a few it?

I stapled my finger I took the staple out its those regular staples and but a band- aid but it's turning redish-purplish-bluish what should I do do you think I need to stir to the doctors and have them check it out or do I go to the hospital or is it conventional because I am very nervous and plus i'm merely nine. I tappended to my friend but she never told me what happened. She moved so I dont have her phone number to ask her. Please assist me. I need all the backing I can get on this so please research it. I too am researching it so please help me and endow with andy answer that you saw anything I just need answers.
no need of doctors,,if dat staple is rusty construct sure u get tt ingection,,other wise set out it like dat,,or jus suck the blood dat is comin,,it will be healed
lol put alcohol/peroxide on it
No, you do not obligation to go to the hospital and you can probably take the band-aid bad your finger. It will be sore as crazy for a few days. The red and purplish color is bruising and from some slight blood loss in the finger, but you will be fine.
Leave it alone, it will heal on its own. The coloration is just a bruise from the pinch. It will travel away in a few days.
Its amazing how u typed a whole paragraph next to a bruised, and bloody finger. You're very brave!! After telling your parents what happen, and after they tell you to wash your hand, and especially your stapled finger, tell them to give u a hug and you will probably have a feeling much better!!

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