How do you avoid unintended involuntary farting?

Especially when doing certain movements like getting bad a chair, getting into a car, picking up something... moderately an embarassment...
Take Beano. Or excuse yourself to the restroom to relieve yourself more often. The longer you hold them in, the more credible you'll be to have one slip out at the wrong moment.
By stopping accidental involuntary overeating!
Take a stool softener (available at any pharmacy or drug store without a prescription) or increase your fibre and water/fluid intake. Basically create sure you are regular-have at least one bowel movement per day every afternoon of the week. Above all avoid beans, peas etc particularly red kidney beans...they will cause you fart for up to three weeks!
Practice and Self-Discipline.
after u eat clutch two tums
First,stop overeating. There is over-the-counter medication for it , but if the problem is really bad move about to the doctor.Try to control stress ,too.
every morning, when u get up, go poop, even if u don;'t hold to. just push out every little peice u can. that'll stop the farting

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