Using vasoline beside oxygen?

years ago I was told never to use vasoline on anyone who is using oxygen because vasoline is flameable. Is that true?
There is a extremely good chance that the Vasoline (a petroleum product) will burst into flame when surrounded by contact with concentrated oxygen levels. Source(s): I used to fly an nouns ambulance for a living. We carried lots and lots of oxygen on board.
Let's see...mixing fuel and oxygen. All you need is an ignition source and POOF. Flambe`.
Oxygen is flammable. If the only purpose not to use Vasoline is because it's flammable go ahead and use it. The problem with someone on O2 is that the extra oxygen will product it easier to start fires.

Keep fire away from them.
Yes, at least surrounded by theory it is true. One would need to boil Vaseline to 365 degrees Fahrenheit to ignite it. The melting point is approximately 100 degree Fahrenheit. The pure oxygen given to the patient has the greatest potential for chance ignition.

Vaseline is a petroleum byproduct containing a purified mixture of semisolid hydrocarbons. When crude oil goes through the refining process, a smooth mixture accumulates. The paste have almost no odor, no taste, and is close to colorless. The process separates the paste and removes it. Once removed, the fasten undergoes a purification-process becoming petrolatum, also known as petroleum jelly.

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Vaseline and oxygen do not mix. Vaseline is oil-based and any oil base product does not mix with highly flammable oxygen. To lubricate a dry snout put humidity/water on the oxygen and use water-based lubricant around the nose.
What the hell is vasoline.
we have used vasoline with oxygen on patients previously, to moisten the skin under their nose. consequently again, these patients arent typically on high flow oxygen, only close to 2 L/minute, so its pretty low dose. if youre concerned about flammability, use saline spray to keep the snout moist instead of vaseline. Source(s): RN
some answers are nearly correct.

oxygen is niether combustible or flammable. what it does is support combustion. for instance if you hold a cigarette near a flow of oxygen the cigarette will burst into flame. don't do this unless you really no how to do it. i other exhibited this to college students in class studying respiratory therapy.

subsequent oxygen and oil chemically react creating warmness and can even cause fire. vaseline is a petrolatum substance (made from refined oil). patients who use nasal oxygen or any other confinement source to the mouth or nose should not use vaseline to relieve irritation. the vaseline can react beside the oxygen and cause skin to become sorely irritated. i have have more than a few cases of patients who were using vaseline and or similar products on their nose while wearing oxygen and they broke out into severe infection similar to rashes. it doesnt happen to adjectives oxygen users but the reaction is real.

also look at lables on a range of gels, if they contain vaseline or oily substances later dont use them with the oxygen. its not going to cause a big fire, or explode but the contraindications are TRUE. Source(s): Registered Respiratory Therapist
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