pierced-ear problem!!...
2 days ago a had a hypo-allergenic earring in my ear. the bak of it be stubborn and wen it came out my ear was red. the subsequent nite i slept with a gold post. very soon im trying to put it bak in (from the front AND THE BACK) and it seems to be blocked, what to do !??!
use the CLEAN piercing stud..numb your ear with ice..push through
I would try and aim professional help. You don't want to have a puffy ear.
Use adjectives your strength and poke it back through again, hey if I can pierce my own nose beside a darning needle surely you can do this
OK when did you win it pierced? If i was just the year before then when you took it out the hole closed up. The back of the earrings are usually stubborn so it doesn't come off when your ear is healing. The blush if probably just from messing around with it. Stop up to that time it gets infected. Just let it make well up and get it repierced.
http://experts.roughly speaking.com/q/Ear-Body-Pier…

Go here to find info to fit your EXACT situation.

If necessary, you may need to own it re-pierced with a needle NOT A GUN! Do not help yourself to the piercing out, if it is an older piercing use a hoop or captured bead ring surrounded by it so it can move freely. Cleanse it every day. Liquid Bactine is great and has an anesthetic effect to pinch and numb any pain away. You have to save the hole open so the ear can drain to avoid injury or infection. Do not let it only just close up or it will fester and get worse or harden and create a lump or deformity tissue.
Get somebody to facilitate you, a doctor or an ear-piercing professional. When I've had this happen, usually it's lately that I need to wiggle the earring rather more. Sometimes the hole isn't perfectly straight through, and you have to jiggle and ease it this way and that to bring it through. But, you could be having an infection or another problem, and it helps to enjoy help

Neosporin sure wouldn't hurt if you think it might be infected. And since you apparently counter badly to some types of metal, be sure to only buy earrings that don't trade name your ears do that, next time. Some people can use hypoallergenic; some require simply pure gold or silver. Ask your doctor for advice if you're not sure what metal is best.
Be patient and keep wiggle it until it finds it's path.
just poke it through.
This happens to women all the time. You irritated or reinjured it (pierced ears are vitally an injury right?) and it is trying to heal by closing the "wound". I personally can't wear "hypo-allergenic" earings, or that happen every time; I can only wear gold. you may hold to have it repierced, but this early you can probably break the trial skin with a little pressure - if it hurts you are pushing on the wrong point or it is too far gone to do at home. If you establish to try this be sure to dip the stem first in rubbing alchohol or something else to sterilize it then dip the stem within a tube of neosporin (goes in easier and helps next to the minor pain). If you see pus, lots of redness, any blood or colors that skin shouldn't be - see a doctor. Good luck and God Bless.
It's probably infected. Get some neosporin quick! Don't put within any more earrings until healed. Your hole may close up but it's worth it to let that alleviate. U can always get it pierced again. When I be young I pierced my own ears and they got infected. I kept earrings within them and my lobes swelled up around the earring. I had to go to the hospital and hold the earrings taken out and it was NOT fun and I now enjoy scars.
set out it alone is infected wait for while like 1 week than jump back and have it pierced again
Just shove it through as hard as you can. It'll budge through, but it will bleed minimally, and probably hurt you a little bit. My eyebrow piercing closed up a while ago, and I had to push the barbell rear legs through it. It doesn't really hurt.
i had that surface before and i pushed it through really hard, creating a investigational hole. you might have to get it repierced if you cant find the hole
Stop messing with it back it gets infected. Go back 2 where on earth you got it pierced & ask! -a-
It will sting alittle but you hold to put it in thru the front and have someone relief you from behind and when they see the back of the hole puff out push it thru and later for like a week keep twisting it contained by your ear. Source(s): When i got mine done years ago that's what they said( piercing pagoda)
put a peice of ice on it, then appropriate a needle and poke it through, then use plenty of alcohol, plus soak the ear ring you are going to be using within alcohol, then slide it in. hold on to it clean, and dont take the ear ring final out!
Try cleaning your ear near warm water and if it still doesn't work try poking it beside a needle.
shove it thru or agree to your ear heal up and get it re-pierced
Soak the earring in alcohol to assassinate any germs you may have put on it from handling it. Wash your hands really well-mannered, get a washcloth and get it drizzling with hot water...as hot as you can stand... and hold your ear near it for a few minutes to soften the skin around the hole. Then push the earring through. Good luck! :)
wait for a few days for the swelling and irritation to shift down. this normally happens when you be off an earring out for a few days. it's not completely closed though, but it's probably really swollen now for all the poking and prodding you've be doing to it.

For now put rubbing alcohol on your earring hole where it's red and tolerate it dry up itself. it will stings a little. do this for the few days that your waiting. when it doesn't sting anymore... then it's time to put the earring pay for in.

Just find the hole in the front of your ear, and slowly shake it in, someitmes it takes a few tries, but be long-suffering and eventually it will go through, you have to be alittle firm , but don't conserve it in. Once you get it pay for in, don't take it out for at least possible a month, just keep putting alcohol and turning it.

If adjectives else fails, go to a piercing place for oblige.
that happend to me after departure me earrings out for 3 days. try having someone else put it in after u soaked ur ear beside ice to make it numb.

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