Can a doctor stitch a split lip?

My neighbours little girl fell on her face and split open her bottom lip, the rest of her frontage is fine, no broken or loose teeth, no visible damage to the trunk, she just has a overweight lip that stopped bleeding almost immediately. Anyway her mother is rushing her to the ER as we speak, do you think to be exact neccesasary or will a split lip heal on it's own?
the girl contained by question needs to enjoy an assessment by a medical professional to assess the depth of the wound.Depending on the depth of wound, she might be benfitted by either a steristrip,which would be an easier options for any medical professional to buy and sell with a wound of a little girl, but if if she have a penetrating and deep wound, especially to oral cavity, afterwards she would definitely need to own stitches, followed by a course of antibiotics.I presume she is immunised with tetanus jab,else she might necessitate tetanus immunisation as well.she would also need a full assessment of her oral cavity.Though facial injury is different from a leader injury, but in view of difficulty surrounded by assessment of children, compare to adult, I would also like to proposal the mum to observe her kid for next 24 hrs for any signs of director injury.
As noted, the fact that the bleeding stopped quickly is a accurate sign. If, however, they do recommend stitches at the hospital, they should have a plastic surgeon on-call -- I recommend getting it stitched up by the specialist in lay down to reduce potential scarring.
Yes! The doctor will use dissolvable stitches. Source(s): Personal experiences
I doubt that it is prerequisite, but erring on the side of caution when it comes to children's injuries is something that is vastly forgivable in a mother. It may be the difference between leaving a huge scar or a small one on the lip, which for a girl, can matter.
of course
i think it depends on how bad it is so I'm not sure but if it st oped bleeding at once i dont think it is necessary
ok serious question, serious answer...yes within fact i have have my lip stitched...depending on how bad and where you can own a regular doctor or a plastic surgeon do it
Depending on the depth, and age of the wound. If it is more than 8 hours since the injury.most physicians would verbs the wound with antiseptic, then close the wound next to steristrips. If it is a fresh wound an superficial, just clean the wound...if thoughtful then stitch it after cleansing it thouroughly. A tetanus injection would follow if the patient be not current on their immunizations.
Depends on how ripened the girl is- if she's real young I would newly to be safe, but if she's older than 5 or 6 I'd put some SuperGlue on near and glue the skin together. It sounds gross and odd, but it really works.
yes dua!
yep but he will probably glue it
it really depends on the type of cut it is but the usually don't stitch the lip because it is always showery
Yes he can. Source(s): Had it done.
Her mother is just worried it's really not a big operate. When I was around 4 I always saw my dad shave, and I be curious so on accident I shaved my lips and it be bleeding for a long time. It healed by it's self, and yes if the lip is really cut deeply afterwards a doctor can stitch the lip.
doctors can do anything
It will heal up a short time ago fine on its own.
Mine did! Look at me, I'm ok! I split open my lip & nose & it adjectives healed up just fine!

Stitches will move off a scar. Leave it be! Get a cold wash duster for her!
If the bleeding stopped directly..then it needs no stitching and the cut isnt wide enough .. if the doctor wants to stitch it.. it would check out of a scar .. most probably Source(s): my bf//
It really depends on how bad and how deep. If it's a short time ago superficial, then yes, it will heal on its own. Otherwise it's probably best to carry a doctor to at least look at it. And let them determine if they can/need to stitch it or not.
Yes glue is used instead of stitches at times but not superglue!

Without seeing the wound, I can only project a guess. If it is just at about surface height, stiches may not be needed. If it is deep and wide, one or two stiches may be needed.
It depends on how it happened and where on earth she fell. For example, she fell on concrete . She would probably have to get sugery. You should relay me where ar what she fell on so I could give more information or details. Source(s): You can put rime on it and will probably heal a little bit.
yes, he can.
My boyfriend is a hockeyplayer and he have stitches everywhere!
yes if he have experience also it depends on how deep it is
I enjoy a kickass staple gun your neighbor can use.

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