How to treat an exhaust burn? [pic]?

A few hours ago i was out quadbiking with a friend of mine, when i accidentally touched the exhaust pipe near my arm. it was for less than a 10th of a second formerly i pulled my hand away, so it didn't touch for long. Initially i felt a slightly sore sting but i shrugged it off and continued biking. Now i got fund home and i notice the burn has become reasonably dark and a cyst is forming. I still feel no distress, i have washed the burn near cool water when i was taking a shower. I did not apply anything to it, not even soap, im afraid below par do something that will just make it worse. There is no sign of infection.
It is approx 1x1/2 inch and oval shaped.……

My grill is: How can i prevent this from scarring?

Answers:    its burn from a metal pipe that was more 100 degrees and it'll be a miracle if you construct it not scare. but when the actual blister heels (the blister is something your body naturally forms to assist heel the burn) and when the blister is gone try applying some scare cream don't try to pop it yourself, and you can stop by a market similar to cvs or convenient store to buy things for burns so that you can help it heel.

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